More than once it happened to me to call paintings the works of the Neapolitan photographer Arnaldo Taddei. The themes chosen and the great variations of the colors emerging from a mysterious brown background shows (and these are the reasons of my mistakes) that he brings with himself the great pictorial tradition of Napoli: from the portraits and from the death natures of the six hundred, to the works of the Posillipo School, whose teachers went also from photography to painting, while Taddei, almost rivaling, goes from painting to a prodigious nowadays photography.
Features and landscapes in oval forms recall certain wisely melancholy elegances of Domenico Morelli and of the Palizzi brothers. Although, Arnaldo Taddei brings also the feelings of the photographer that in Napoli (in the past capital and half of a kingdom) loved to take to the streets rites and exorcisms. His art keeps prestigiously documenting the “darkroom”, the itinerant game of prestige and charm.
The nostalgia custom makes persuasive and original also a Danish view, the multicolored Nyhavn, the amazing new port of the old Copenhagen, where Anderson used to live, moving here from a vertical house stroke to the other.
Whatever he paints, Taddei relies on the tenderness of the eye his intense Neapolitan songs.

marchietto-ganciProf. Gaetano Gangi
Direttore Istituto Italiano Cultura Copenaghen (DK)

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