First of all let me tell you that whatever I’ve learned from this beautiful world of images and lights, I’ve learned it myself. From my earliest memories I have been interested in vintage cameras or those old style rectangular boxes that represented the cameras of that time.

My passion was ignited during a time of great difficulty, the Second World War had recently ended and the financial situation of the time did not allow me to purchase on the market the several pieces needed in order to deepen my studies on the subject. My study on the complexities of lighting started back in that period, as I tried to understand the techniques and the light adjustments that the directors of photography applied in their movies. When finances allowed I attended such movies in the cinema and by doing this I had the chance to study how and why that director of photography obtained a particular light effect. So during the years, my passion has turned into a real work, but always without losing the magic touch that this world keeps in itself.
I’ve been working for many years in my Atelier in the Vomero district of Naples, where I was born. During my career I have worked as cameraman, lighting technician and video mixer in TV production centres.